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nafex - Re: [nafex] деревянные черенки просил

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  • From: Jerry Lehman <>
  • To: Jerry Lehman <>, Cliff England <>
  • Subject: Re: [nafex] деревянные черенки просил
  • Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2017 09:19:06 -0500

Holy shit Batman! 98 different varieties of various species, unbelievable. Are they establishing a fruiting botanical repository? They have ordered before so apparently they have the ability to pay.

I'm quite certain MB 3 is not a hybrid, rather an open pollinated seedling of Morris Burton that John Gordon selected from seeds he planted. I have it here and I'm not impressed because it is very late. Some of the fruit is still on the ground and I don't see much deer activity around it, nothing like deer Candy although location could have a bearing. The fruit is large and colorful flavor good but I do not believe it's a hybrid. In fact I'm planning on cutting my tree down to make space for pawpaws.

I really question many persimmon that are being called hybrids. For example I've seen it claimed that Keener is a hybrid, and I don't see it. Anyway!

Below is the list of material he has requested that I can help you with if you don't have it. 275-69 and 275-70 is in very short supply as they are located next to the driveway going straight back to the orchard and in shade part of the day. I plan on grafting it here this spring which will require my holding at least one stick of wood for myself of each. I wonder if 250-48 is a mistake, someone getting the numbers mixed up. I do have such a tree but I don't recall calling attention to it. Just checked my field notes, generally it is average to large but none of the notes say exceptional taste. I hate to start distributing average material if the buyer believes it is superior. If he is just looking for genetic diversity then that would be okay. It is a Davis X SN-15 cross.


On 1/27/2017 12:20 AM, England's Orchard and NUrseryEngland's Orchard and NUrsery wrote:


1. 250-39;

2. 250-48;

3. 275-48;

.4. 250-30;

5. 275-17;

28. 275-56;

42. 275-69;

43. 275-70;

PERSIMMONS – Virginiana (V):

44. H-120 (V);

45. Lena / Mitchellena (V);

46. Mohler (V);

47. 100-47 (V);

48. NC-10 (V);

49. U20A Celebrity (V);

50. Wonderful (V);

PERSIMMONS - Hybrids Virginiana X Kaki (V x K):

50. Morris Burton # 3 (V x K);

  • Re: [nafex] деревянные черенки просил, Jerry Lehman, 01/27/2017

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