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nafex - Re: [nafex] No Peaches this year

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  • Subject: Re: [nafex] No Peaches this year
  • Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2016 14:37:51 -0500

Winter 2014-15 was worse here than I'd realized, based on what I *felt* like
the temps were...
Killed my blackberries back to the snowline. Killed blossom buds on
virtually every pear, apple, plum and blueberry.
My blueberry crop... off of 30+ bushes... was SIX berries.
Mulberries and strawberries accounted for the only successful fruit harvest
in 2015.

Thus far, 2016 looks like everything is going to be GOOD! (And I'll keep
hoping that!)


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Here in SW VA, we also had a mild winter, and some things bloomed out early.
Hardest hit were Nanking Cherries and Peaches. As another noted, many/most
pawpaw blooms hurt. Apples look OK. We've never lost juneberry blooms or
fruit to winter or spring freezes.

Last winter (2015) we reached 24F below zero, here at 1800' and just 25
miles from NE TN. This killed most mulberries outright, and killed major
limbs on certain peach trees. Killed some caneberries back as well.

Agreed that Easter 2007 freeze the most damage in memory; we lost 10 of 12
kaki persimmon cultivars; little to no fruit that year in most things we
grow. As Lucky noted, when the native trees sustain major damage, you know
it's an unusual freeze.

Major challenge here this year has been spring drought. One farmer said in
his county, March-midApril was the driest in recorded history. We had some
rain over the last week, but 30 miles south of here in NE TN, it's still so
dry that the young leaves on Juneberry bushes are wilted and curling. They
may have received some rain last night...

Richard Moyer
Castlewood, SW VA
Juneberry cobbler for breakfast, blueberry pancakes for lunch---freezers a
wonderful invention for fruit lovers.
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