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nafex - [nafex] Apple Anthracnose on Pears.

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  • From: Matt Demmon <>
  • To: nafex list <>
  • Subject: [nafex] Apple Anthracnose on Pears.
  • Date: Mon, 18 May 2015 12:43:32 -0400

Dear list,

I need some help. I've been planting fruit trees at my place for about 5
years, and have generally had good success and growth, and learned from
most of my mistakes. Most death or decline had an obvious answer and
remedy. However, this spring, 1 of 3 Asian pears was dead almost to the
ground, and 2 adjacent European pears and another Asian pear had dead
twigs, cankers, and other signs of fungal disease. I used some handy
reference books, and came up with apple anthracnose, but no solution. I've
cut down the dead one, although it is resprouting just above the graft. The
others seem to be living, but have some dead twigs and some have cankers
low down on the trunk. None of my apples are showing signs currently, or
pears that are several hundred feet away. Is this going to spread? Worth
trying to save the ones that are left? Best to cut them out to save
everything else? We've had two very wet summers in a row, and most of these
trees are 4-5 years old. It hurts me to lose them, since we just started
getting pears last year, but I'd rather not lose the rest of them if I can
avoid it.


z5 se MI

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