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nafex - Re: [nafex] Yahoo mail Subject: Re: testing my re-enable

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  • From: Lawrence London <>
  • To: nafex mailing list at ibiblio <>
  • Subject: Re: [nafex] Yahoo mail Subject: Re: testing my re-enable
  • Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2014 13:23:40 -0400

On Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 12:27 PM, Toni Pralle <> wrote:

> Oh, it's worse than that. I can't open any yahoo mail. Haven't been able to
> for almost two weeks. I can get around it by using the "basic" setting.
> I've contacted yahoo numerous times but they tell me to check my settings,
> yada, yada. They have no idea THEY are the problem. I'm debating what to
> do. Move everything to gmail?


> I don't like gmail all that much but I like
> yahoo basic even less.

Here's how to turn Gmail into a service you like.

1) Download and save as much of your Yahoo email as you can, preferably in
a portable format
2) Get a Gmail account, one that will be your primary address to use into
the future (other Google services revolve around this email address,
i.e. Drive, Docs, Picasa, Google blogs, Google sites, etc.
3) In this order of preference, download one or more of these free email
client apps:
1) Claws
2) Thunderbird
3) Operamail
I advise running both Claws and Thunderbird as they have different
Install up Claws and Thunderbird and _manually_ add new email accounts to
each, i.e. the same one.
You will need to tell Claws and TBird what your Gmail login name is and
your password (real name too but that is not required for the install and
Specify that you want the account to be set up as IMAP, not POP. IMAP
accurately mirrors _everything_ in your Gmail account (inbox, drafts,
trash, spam, sent
and all other folders (labels) you create in Gmail. Every time you tell
Claws to get new email from your Gmail account it updates everything and
deletes email that it had before the new mail update that you had
previously deleted in Gmail during a login session. Claws and TBird save
your email and folders in your profile. You can make copies of this profile
and use it to restore corrupted files and even load the folders into a text
editor for reading. You can also load this profile into an installation of
Claws or TBird on another computer. At any rate you can back up your Gmail
account on your own computer, handy to have in case you have a boot drive
failure. So, you end up with Gmail to read online and the same, a mirror,
on your own computer.

I will be glad to help anyone install, configure and use any of these
offline email clients and Gmail itself. There are some tricks with Gmail,
it may want to organize your email folders into categories. Do not let it
do this. Configuration is done in Gmail's Settings and it is worth taking
the time to learn how this works. Once don properly you are good to go for

I don't want to move everything to my friends and
> family address with my internet provider. Hotmail? I just don't know. It
> will be a PITA to move everything but it's a bigger PITA to have yahoo mail
> this way. Will they "fix" it as soon as I migrate to a different email?

Probably not. The only worthwhile free email service is Gmail. Commercial
ones are excellent but not free.
I would scrupulously avoid Yahoo, Hotmail and MSC; not good choices for the
long haul; carrier pigeons or trained roadrunning cats with saddlebags
would be better.

Lawrence F. London

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