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nafex - RE: [NAFEX] Moldy seed germination

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  • Subject: RE: [NAFEX] Moldy seed germination
  • Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 12:45:05 -0400

Quoting tanis cuff <>:

> I think the most important lesson from my latest pear seed
> germination batch is to NOT forget about it in the refrig! We
> should remember to check occasionally!

This is true. I brought a bunch of chrysanthemum cuttings home from
Georgia our last trip up. Wrapped them in a wet paper towel then put
them in a Ziploc. Stuck them in the fridge till I could get to them
and promptly forgot them until I came across them looking for
leftovers. They'd been in there for a month and were beginning to
mold. Decided I didn't have much to lose so I tossed the one
moldiest cutting and planted the rest out. Out of ten cuttings so
far only one has died and the rest look like they're going to make

Probably would be growing more vigorously though had I not forgotten
about them for a month...


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