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  • From: "David Doud" <>
  • To: "North American Fruit Explorers" <>
  • Subject: [NAFEX] groundcovers
  • Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 12:30:07 -0500

my 2 cents: - -Orchard grass;  tough and coarse - as mentioned a 'clump grass',  if left unmowed will get >12" tall and rabbits and mice love the areas between the clumps - - good if you are running equipment over it and mow regularly,  but I consider it a high maintanance cover -
clover; of various specie,  tends to become a weed,  tends to be tolerant of common herbicides,  attractive to pollinators during the summer which may bring them into contact with whatever pest control sprays you may be using - Dutch white is low enough to not cause too much grief,  but most species will be rather tall and tough and cause problems if you rotary mow -
I used 'Companion',  a proprietary mix of grasses,  on several acres 14 years ago,  and it's nice - and expensive - and certainly by now there is quite a mix of specie that have moved in,  though the area is still rather civilized...
For somthing that is commonly availibe at an ag supply,  creeping red fescue works well - if you desire a legume,  birdsfoot trefoil is commonly availible and does not become a weed like clover -
DOUD,  zone 5z - - your results may vary....

  • [NAFEX] groundcovers, David Doud, 04/30/2004

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