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nafex - Re: [nafex] Cornus Mas

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  • From: Ginda Fisher <>
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  • Subject: Re: [nafex] Cornus Mas
  • Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2001 08:04:11 -0500

Lon, are you selling, or are these just your garden plants? Since
writing, I went back through my stack of "other than fruit trees"
catalogs, and found that Fedco is offering seedlings cheap. A local
nursery (Weston Nurseries) which specializes in "landscape size" plants
is also selling it for $70. That really surprised me - I knew they had
a remarkable selection of ornamentals, but I didn't think they went it
for fruiting plants. They barely mention the fruit in the write up,
though, so if there are large and small fruiting varieties, perhaps they
carry the smaller one.

Having little sunny space, this sounds like a very promising plant. I
am hoping to put in two, one in light shade (wild blackberries grow but
don't fruit) and the other probably in shade, in the hope it might
flower enough to pollinate the first.


"Lon J. Rombough" wrote:
> I have a collection of the large fruited types of Cornus mas and they are a
> very interesting fruit. Too soft to ship, they are used more for preserves,
> some fresh eating, and for a special liquer in eastern Europe. It's a
> beautiful fruit and the tree is great, with tiny yellow early spring flowers
> (mine is blooming now) that are very cold resistant, and great fall foliage.
> Trees are hardy to zone 3 or so.
> -Lon Rombough
> Grapes, unusual fruits, writing, consulting, more, at
> See new additions to the site, Feb. 2001,
> plus word on my grape book.
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> >From: Ginda Fisher <>
> >To:
> >Subject: Re: [nafex] Franklinia
> >Date: Fri, Mar 2, 2001, 3:38 PM
> >
> >Does anyone know a good source for Cornus Mas? Should I be looking for
> >a grafted cultivar or a seedling? Also, why is this plant so rare? Is
> >the fruit too sour/not sweet enough for the mass market? Does it not
> >keep/ship? Is it ugly? I like to try interesting things, but I do
> >always wonder when I read about a great undiscovered fruit just why it
> >is undiscovered.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Ginda Fisher
> >Eastern Mass. zone 6
> >Light snow falling, lots of thaws and cold snaps this year.
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