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nafex - [nafex] More Grinding

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  • From: Don Yellman <>
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  • Subject: [nafex] More Grinding
  • Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 02:03:16 -0700

Of course Joe is right that it is unwise to use a disposal that has been
previously used for garbage. For aesthetic reasons if nothing else.
Perhaps greased lightning is a bit of an exaggeration. Greased
lightning, after all, is awfully fast. But my unit will take apples
about as fast as I can feed them. It is best not to jam them in, as
they can hang up in the throat of the disposal and it becomes necessary
to dislodge them with a wooden spoon.
My disposal is about the cheapest I could find since, at the time I
built my unit, it was an experiment. It is only 1/3 h.p., but if I ever
build a new one I will get a much better disposal, perhaps as much as
3/4 h.p.. It's worth the extra 30-40 bucks to get more power and better
quality parts. After all, it's going to last for many years. Even if
you pay $80 and get a really fine disposal it is still cheaper than a
new hand grinder from Happy Valley or Jaffrey, and it will work a lot
better. The table is basically built from scrap lumber from your
garage, with a few bucks for a switch, switch housing, and wire. Check
out the internal parts of the disposal to make sure there is nothing
that would contaminate the cider by reacting with the acid in the apple
juice. Cadmium plate (gold colored) should be avoided. Mine has an
aluminum housing and grinding chamber, with a galvanized (zinc plated)
grinding plate and stainless hammers. It cleans up easily with a garden
If there should ever be a competition organized between a garbage
disposal and a couple of guys with a hand grinder, I would be willing to
bet my farm on the disposal. Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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