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cc-licenses - Re: [cc-licenses] Looking for a "mashup license"

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Subject: Development of Creative Commons licenses

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  • From: Mike Linksvayer <ml AT>
  • To: Discussion on the Creative Commons license drafts <cc-licenses AT>
  • Subject: Re: [cc-licenses] Looking for a "mashup license"
  • Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 01:06:27 -0700

Drop freshness requirement and use a CC license or look at

IMO encouragement of freshness via legal means seems inappropriate, perhaps that is why almost nobody uses the license referenced above and nobody attempts to condition use of (e.g.) feeds on regular polling. The technology makes that the natural thing to do anyway.

Daniel Schwarz wrote:

I'm working with a nonprofit website that maintains a specialized set
of restaurant listings and reviews. Almost all of their listings come
from their user community, the listings are extensive and frequently

The website maintainers are interested in adopting a license for their
data that would:

1) Allow reuse for noncommercial purposes
2) Require proper attribution
3) Require use of "fresh data" from the website.

The idea is to permit noncommercial "mashups" using live data from the
website (screen scraped or via API), or perhaps cached data that is no
more than, say, 1 week old. Stale data might be incorrect, for that
reason site maintainers do not want to permit use of old data.

Questions for the list:

1) Does this make sense?
2) Would any of the CC licenses be suitable?
3) If not, is this a compelling enough use case to merit a new CC license?


Dan Schwarz
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