[XOM-interest] Writing to XML through XOM APIs

Ravi Nathwani rnathwani at nulinkinc.com
Fri Jan 23 05:10:18 EST 2004

 Hello Friends,
 I am using the nu.xom APIs in my application.
 My application starts a servlet in its startup. This servlet reads the
web.xml file for all the application related configurations.
 Currently everything is working fine.
 Now, since the number of parameters in the web.xml file is large, I
have to provide a GUI for performing the configuration.
 The GUI will read the web.xml file using nu.xom APIs, initialize the
Swing components with the configuration values,
 allow the user to modify these values and save them and then restart
the servlet.
 My GUI is ready with all the parameters read properly and all the Swing
components initialized.
 It also performs all the required validations. Now I need to save the
new configuration values to the web.xml file.
 The application saves the 'Document' object globally, which helps it
retrieving the root element and all its child elements.
 Now for each of the child elements, I need to just update the value,
keeping the Document hierarchy same.
 The nu.xom APIs for the 'Element' class does have a getValue() method,
but it does not have a setValue() method.
 Can you help me out with this?
 Thanks & Regards,

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