[XOM-interest] Reduce Verifier memory requirements

Elliotte Rusty Harold elharo at metalab.unc.edu
Tue Jan 20 16:44:31 EST 2004

At 12:02 PM -0800 1/20/04, Wolfgang Hoschek wrote:
>The new Verifier in CVS is a good idea.
>However, it needs 65 KB static main memory (and a larger jar file) 
>by using a byte array where a bit array would suffice. Perhaps it 
>might make sense to try reducing memory requirements by a factor 
>eight, either by using a java.util.Bitset or manually doing similar 
>bit twiddling.

Actually that array has four separate flags in each byte for testing 
whether a character is legal as

1. A name start character
2. A name character
3. An XML character
4. An NCName character

So I could only cut it down by half to 32K. And I've given some 
thought to what I could stuff in the other nibble, so I'm not sure 
it's going to be empty forever.

   Elliotte Rusty Harold
   elharo at metalab.unc.edu
   Effective XML (Addison-Wesley, 2003)

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