[V2k-announce] Neptunalia~July 23-25, 2004~ arts and music festival

Stephanie Moore glamooreproductions at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 8 21:38:16 EDT 2004

Sami and I plan on going to this and probably taking the van. If someone wants to help with gas, we can van-pool. The van is equipped to make the 4 hours trip feel like 2 (and I am not talking about the way I drive).
Come on.. when is the last time you camped. And camped with friends?? And on top of that heard music bounce through the night air, across the lake.

Lucinda Kelly <lucidpulse at hotmail.com> wrote:
Ok everyone: Here is all the info for the 3 day festival I have been talking up and that I am soooooooooooooooooooooo excited to be an invited DJ at. I also hope to have the extremely talented Quinton drumming along side of me. Peter (Clive) will also be spinning a chillout set! SO please MARK your calendars and SAVE this weekend July 23-25. There are numerous people I already know that will be attending, so I hope we will all be together and camp out together and party together, dance together and chill out together FUN FUN FUN...Kids are allowed and there will be an activity kids area. The Touch Samadhi group who are hosting this festival are an amazing community of creative friends and I hope that you will all be able to meet them (since I will soon be living there with them all in Asheville :) and have an amazing special weekend outside in amazing Deerfields park under the stars and in the sun shine!!! PLEASE forward to all who would be interested!!! and let me know if you need
 any further info. or have any questions!
peace &  love~
Lucinda (Lucidpulse)
Touch Samadhi arts and music festival 
july 23-25 2004 
feast of the sun 
day out of time! 

A revolutionary new understanding of the nature of consciousness that can help us see beyond the inner structures that limit our awareness. To ultimately, discover who we are beyond our thoughts, emotions, memories, associations, and perceptions. 

Join us for a mid-summer festival,  falling halfway between the summer solstice and the vernal equinox. 
The Neptunalia, a festival in honour of Neptunus, the God of all the fresh water, from rivers, lakes, oceans and springs. 
The Neptunalia, July 23, comes in the hottest days of Summer, when water is needed most. 
The Day out of Time is celebrated annually on  July 25.  It has been celebrated internationally since 1993 
as a day of Peace Through Culture.  The main focus of this day is tuning in to the true timeless essence of life. 

main stage: 

Boxer - Dark Soho / Alchemy Records Hafia Israel 
With two albums and extensive releases on Alchemy, 
Sphere, and Hom-Mega Records, Dark Soho fuses 
the elements of dark and melancholic metal with 
full-on twisted psychedelic trance. 

Shanti - Juvenile/ Spun Records holland  * live and  dj set 
At the age of 21, he releases his debut solo album - "A MACHINE'S DREAM" . His music is futuristic and 
rejuvenating. 7 years of experience in the scene makes him the youngest veteran artist in trance 
history.  From the canals of Amsterdam, to the beaches of Goa, he has toured the world for years. 

bastard vs babar - LIVE PA! TOUCH Samadhi Knoxville TN 
sh.i.k.i.d. -  Omnitribe NYC 
kri - TOUCH Samadhi Asheville NC 
s.o.t. - TOUCH Samadhi Chicago IL 
blue spectral monkey - TOUCH Samadhi Asheville NC 
allen-  Gaian Mind - Philadelphia PA 
moksa - TOUCH Samadhi Atlanta GA 
laury n - Sonic Beating  Boston MA 
dragon - TOUCH Samadhi  Jackson MS 
alberto - Cosmic Traveller Columbus OH 
meghan - Goahead  Cleveland OH 
psyonic - TOUCH Samadhi  Knoxville TN 

42 hours of chillout: 
spinoza - The Bunker, The Agriculture NYC 
5am soundesign - Analogue Alchemy Asheville NC 
noschool -  Orangebrainunlimited Asheville NC 
glossolalia - Orangebrainunlimited Asheville NC 
logos - Surreal Sirkus Asheville NC 
sh.i.k.i.d -  Omnitribe NYC 
buffer vs dr. m  - M Labs Philadelphia 
deejay rhymes - Hometown HiFi  San Antonio TX 
uzi and malachi - Goahead Cleveland OH 
brain lizzard - UTTA Chaos Asheville NC 
don - PTLF Bloomington IN 
fugue - UTTA Chaos Asheville NC 
clive - Brainfroot Asheville NC 
Lucidpulse - Partners in Time Asheville NC 
babar  - TOUCH Samadhi Knoxville TN 
blue spectral monkey  - TOUCH Samadhi Asheville NC 
s.o.t.- TOUCH Samadhi Chicago IL 

art installations : 
devotee -  TOUCH Samadhi WinstonSalem NC 
daya cayung siagian - www.dreamcatcherstudio.net -  indonesia 
video : 
blackbox - Asheville NC 

performance and ritual : 
tranceform venus - Asheville NC 
surreal sirkus - Asheville NC 

yoga and movement workshops 
visionary art tent 
13:20 calendar info 

gates open at noon on fri. 
opening ceremony fri and sat at 8:30pm 
kids under 14 are loved, cherished 
and free! with guardian 
what to bring: camping supplys, floats for the lake's 
flashlights, lots of water and food 
no fires except in designated areas 
NO DOGS please 
kids area 

pre registered by sat may 29th $55 
pre registered by sat june 26th $65 
registration at the gate $75 
18 and up with I.D. only ! 
strongly enforced ! 
full name of attendees required with registration 
pay with paypal.com :  touchsamadhi at bellsouth.net 
info : neptunaliafestival at hotmail.com 

>From the East or the West... 
Follow I-40 to I-26. 
Take I-26 East towards airport. 

>From the North or the South.. . 
Take I-26 to Exit 40  / Old Exit 9 (Airport Road Exit). 
Take 280 West towards Brevard (go past the airport). 
Go exactly 4.5 miles from the Airport Road Exit and turn right 
on South Mills River Road. It's the next right past the turn for 
North Mills River Campground. 
Stay on South Mills River Road for 5 miles to the dead end. 
turn right on the gravel road (Watagnee Trail)... 
you'll see the Deerfields Sign. 
Come up the gravel road .3 miles. Stay straight where the road 
narrows (you'll see the Deerfields Sign) and you'll drive through the Deerfields entrance. 
Deerfields is only 9 miles from the asheville nc airport. 

flyer art by Naoto 

< /DIV>

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