[unclug] IP metering?

Tom Roche Tom_Roche at unc.edu
Thu Aug 8 17:05:14 EDT 2013

hoping a home-use question isn't OT:
Any suggestions regarding IP-use measurement apps for a linux desktop?
Why I ask:

I've been hoping to get ISP != TWC/RR for awhile, but haven't seen anything appealing. But I recently heard freedompop.com


is now available in Carrboro and ISTM interesting pricewise and speedwise. (Which means I should probably post separately about that.) However the plans I find most interesting (currently) provide 10 GB/mo, with "Extra data 0.7¢ per MB" so ya definitely wanna stay under that cap :-(

10 GB/mo *sounds* doable for me, since my main access modes do not currently include streaming video. That being said, I really don't *know* my cumulative monthly bandwidth--only that TWC/RR clamps my downloads @ 1.92 MB/s (so I could not *possibly* be using more than ~5000 GB/mo :-) I'm wondering,

1. What could I install on my debian/GNOME laptop to measure my IP usage?
   Any recommendations by "actual users"?

2. Is there some TWC/RR UI that shows a user's IP usage?

TIA, Tom Roche <Tom_Roche at pobox.com>

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