[unclug] Ticket 1714930: VPN docs, esp for linux

Tom Roche Tom_Roche at unc.edu
Sun Apr 11 23:43:57 EDT 2010

Zongqiang Liao 4/1/2010 13:54
> regarding your installation problem of VPN on 64-bit Ubuntu Karmic.
> I search around and find this webpage that may be useful in helping
> you solve the problem. Please check it out:

> http://www.lamnk.com/blog/vpn/how-to-install-cisco-vpn-client-on-ubuntu-jaunty-jackalope-and-karmic-koala-64-bit/

While I appreciate the suggestion, the procedure given on that link
involves patching one's kernel! Which makes the already-lengthy
procedure recommended by


that much longer, and (IMHO) even more risky and less maintainable.
Instead I recommend the following doc fixes:

1 The "Getting Started on Topsail" doc


  must state that one will be unable to ssh into topsail from off-campus
  without a VPN. In fact, the instructions for use of *any* campus
  facility that only works inside the firewall should so indicate,
  presuming one wants to avoid wasting users' time.

2 The top-level VPN information pages, e.g. "Frequently Asked
  Questions About VPN"


  must indicate that the Cisco VPN client that UNC ITS currently
  supplies via shareware.unc.edu will not build against newer
  2.6-based kernels.

3 The lower-level pages on VPNing from linux, e.g. "Installing the VPN
  on Linux"


  should be improved to point to much simpler options than installing
  the heavy Cisco client, e.g.

* the SSL VPN


* for newer linuxes (e.g. ubuntu >= 9.04), the vpnc plugin for the
  GNOME Network Manager. For UNC-specific instructions, see


  which are adapted from the very-nicely-done instructions @


TIA, Tom Roche [Tom_Roche at pobox.com]

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