[unclug] UNCLUG IRC?

Adam Constabaris adamc at unc.edu
Mon Jan 23 19:20:26 EST 2006

Faheem Mitha wrote:

> Well, certainly no harm in trying, but I wonder if there is really a big 
> enough market for this kind of thing. Who are you trying to get 
> interested?
> Not intending to be negative here, just wondering...

There are probably two factors to consider:

1) How many?
2) How interested?

A small group of extremely interested people could probably pull it off. 
  A large group of marginally interested people might also make it 
worthwhile.  Since my day job is, I kid you not, something we call 
"knowledge management," I think it would be interesting to do a sort of 
roll call from the point of view of trying to pool our campus-specific 

There was a small gang of folks looking to create a "UNC distro" about 
two years ago, but that specific effort fell apart due to day-job-itis 
(such is my take; if anybody else from the Luncch group reads this, feel 
free to contradict me +).

As a f'rinstance, I've got a couple of documents up about some of 
Tomcat's foibles on Linux in my UNC space 
(http://www.unc.edu/~adamc/tomcat; I see that the Tomcat team is making 
some of that stuff obsolete, but it's all good), for example, and I'm 
sure others have dribs and drabs of notes about this and that.

Failing a full-blown "community site" and amenities, there's other stuff 
that could be done.  I know finding Michele Trovero's writeups about 
running RH 5.something on CCI machines back in the day were *extremely* 
helpful, and it would be useful to collect stuff like that in one place.

If there is interest, I'll check into the appropriateness of setting up 
a UNCLUG-like group for contributing content to the ITS Knowledgebase 
(the main public manifestation of which is help.unc.edu)


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