[unclug] Eclipse on FC4?

Alan Hoyle alanh at email.unc.edu
Tue Feb 28 16:01:22 EST 2006

I have a fresh FC4 install including Eclipse.

When I type "eclipse" at a command line, I get the following behavior:

  $ eclipse
  Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from startup.jar

And a window pops up that says:

  JVM terminated. Exit code=1
  -jar startup.jar
  -os linux
  -ws gtk
  -arch x86
  -launcher /usr/bin/eclipse
  -name Eclipse
  -showsplash 600
  -exitdata 23a000b
  -vm /usr/bin/java
  -jar startup.jar
with a [Close] button.

I presume the problem is I don't have the CLASSPATH set right.  Can
anyone offer me suggestions as to what I need to do?


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