[unclug] growing the LUG

bil hays at ibiblio.org
Sat Apr 29 08:20:29 EDT 2006

If you need a faculty sponsor, I'm willing. Also to help get/manage web 
space on ibiblio, and if you want to hold evening meetings, I might be able 
to get a room in Sitterson.

But I also agree with Todd--I'm already not making meetings I'm committed 
to, so I might make some, but certainly not all.

I'm the sponsor of the mac user's group. FWIW, trying to get something 
started in summer is a good idea, but there are fewer folks around (mainly 
faculty and student populations are reduced). Don't underestimate how much 
time it will take, or how important it is to have a core group of really 
committed folks to keep something like this going....

One suggestion would be rather than trying to get the group together first, 
instead come up with a list of topics and people willing to present them 
and gauge interest on this list or ctc. It's awkward once you have a 
regular meeting set up when there's nothing much to talk about. AFS issues 
would likely be a good topic (authentication, nat issues as well as 
installation issues). Integrating samba into AD or into AFS would be 
another, I think, as would firewalls/attack mitigation.

Also, the cs students have a linux group, and there's a unccs.linux group, 
you might contact them for input/coordination.

As an aside, in terms of student exposure to linux, it might be worth 
making a list of courses that do at least touch on it.

And, yes, I realize that ideas are cheap and it's the work that's hard. (;


--On Friday, April 28, 2006 8:12 PM -0400 unclug-request at lists.ibiblio.org 

> I will sponsor it if there is sufficient interest. I am a staff
> member and I've got a significant interest
> in Linux on campus.
> Brian
> Brian Payst, MS
> Director of Technology & Systems Support
> Division of Student Affairs
> The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
> voice: (919) 962-1469 fax: (919) 962-5241
> On Apr 28, 2006, at 6:20 PM, Cristobal Palmer wrote:
>> Perhaps I should've made something clear in my previous emails:
>> I don't need the whole list readership to jump up and help me
>> move some 4U servers across campus. I just need one faculty or
>> staff member who is willing to be a contact person so the LUG
>> can be an official club. I also need a couple of people who
>> are willing to be minimally responsible for things like
>> ordering pizza and hanging onto misc. forms we might have to
>> fill out.
>> It would also be nice if somebody could help advertise so that
>> people actually show up if we have an event... like, say, an
>> installfest.
>> Oh, and it would be good if members actually showed up to our
>> events. :)
>> I'm a bit resigned to doing a fair amount of the legwork
>> myself, but I can't build a LUG on my own. Believe me guys,
>> once they're up, these things take on a life of their own.
>> Doesn't take too much effort.
>> ------------------------------------------
>> Cristobal M. Palmer
>> cmpalmer at ils.unc.edu

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