[unclug] growing the LUG

Cristobal Palmer cmpalmer at ils.unc.edu
Wed Apr 26 02:33:10 EDT 2006

I went to an installfest this weekend. It was at NCSU. I'm also on the
steering committee of TriLUG. Take a look at http://lug.ncsu.edu/ or
http://trilug.org/ to see what other local LUGs are doing.

I'm wondering how much growth potential this LUG has. We've got a
CompSci department on campus, there are Linux users in INLS, and there
are plenty of faculty/staff doing research and other work using Linux.

I think the base is here; we just need some people to step up and
organize a body, plan some events, etc.

All of this need not be replication of effort. We can piggyback on
TriLUG events, perhaps organizing a carpool to the TriLUG meeting each
month, for example.

What sort of steering body (if any) exists for this LUG right now? If
none, I move that we hold a meeting (in meatspace if possible, on IRC
if necessary) to determine the makeup of such a body and start the
process of getting bylaws drafted and getting recognized by CUAB or
whatever campus entity it is that would help us buy pizza :)

Objections? Suggestions? Comments?

I further move that this meeting occur next Wednesday the 3rd (a
reading day) in the early evening.

How many people would be able to attend such a meeting?

I see Linux as being an important part of what the Triangle has to
offer the rest of the country and the world. We have a lot of Linux
people and action going on here. UNC has ibiblio, but we really
need an active community of Linux users stepping up and making their
presence known and (more importantly) felt. The advantages for us
(the users), UNC-CH, ibiblio, etc. etc. are too many and varied for
me to get into here. It behooves us to get up and get moving with
this LUG.


Cristobal M. Palmer
cmpalmer at ils.unc.edu

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