[unclug] Setting disk quotas on RedHat Enterprise AS server....

dsandif dsandif at email.unc.edu
Fri Nov 12 13:01:08 EST 2004

Has anyone had any success in setting up file and directory quotas on
RedHat Enterprise AS server?, the current kernel version being

If so, how did you get the kernel to compile and accept disk quota
setup?,   once you get the kernel happy, how do you get the system to
accept the "edquota -u user" disk space restrictions and make them
active? I have done lots for searches on this and followed directions to
the letter but to no avail. The hold up is this crazy kernel (which by
the way you can't change it otherwise it will void the Redhat support!).
Did my adjustments in fstab, created my "quota.user & quota.group file
in sbin, remounted home and rebooted system and still no luck. Thxs for
you input.


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