[unclug] Redhat licensing update

Scott Adams adams at ils.unc.edu
Tue Mar 16 14:58:05 EST 2004

>From what I understand, GA is about a week possibly two
away from being done with the contract portion.  In order to
make this happen though two things are probably going to happen.

First, the price has gone from $6.50 to $11.00.  This is still a bargain,
but because the minimum number was not reached the price has moved up to $
11.00 per seat.  Is there anyone who gave me WS and AS needs, that would not be willing to commit to
the new pricing already submitted to me?  Since the price is still
cheaper than the 25 or 50 price I would think everyone would be fine.  If
you have gone ahead and purchased licenses or you are NOT alright with the
price please let me know, ASAP!  By tomorrow at 5PM.
Second, because GA may want the money up front, UNC-CH Software
Acquisitions may have to ask us to purchase our licenses through ITP very quickly.  They
are working on these details now and will let us know WHEN and IF we need
to committ our dollars.

Other things of interest:
1. Three schools would house proxy servers.  NC State, UNC-CH, and UNCC.
2. The licensing cost for the initial year Proxy Server has been covered.
3. Ibiblio is willing to be the Administrator of the Proxy server for
UNC-CH.  There are many details to work out in this regard still.  Getting the Proxy server
software itself would greatly help.  Since this is a NEW service,
technically moving this forward will take some time apart from the
licensing / pricing issues.


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