[unclug] Redirect 80 ---> 443 with Apache? -- credentials encrypted?

Jeff Bollinger jeff01 at email.unc.edu
Wed Mar 3 10:40:52 EST 2004

Joe Morris wrote:
> On Fri, 20 Feb 2004, John W. Sopko Jr. wrote:
> | servers. I just wanted a simple way when going to port 80 to go to
> | port 443 like Jeff did. I think there is some issue in apaceh 2.x.
> All you should need is the following then...
> ----
> <VirtualHost>
> RedirectMatch permanent .* https://newsitename$1
> </VirtualHost>
> ----
> All other environment variables will get inherited, so nothing else to
> define inside of that virtual host container.
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> Joe Morris, Web Systems Manager
> Academic Technology and Networks
> The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I hate to drudge this issue up again, but say you do the above:

RedirectMatch permanent .* https://newsitename$1

but your index page requires a login (via any of the auth modules, say, 
mod_auth_ldap for example).  I notice that when I have the above virtual 
host set, I do indeed get the redirect but I don't see https in the 
address bar (or the lock icon at the bottom right of the browser) until 
*after* I authenticate.  How can I tell if my authentication is passing 
through the SSL tunnel?


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