[unclug] fedora issues...

dsandif dsandif at email.unc.edu
Mon Jun 28 12:18:54 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I did a setup for Fedora core 2 on a dell laptop (Insp. 8000) I made the
"/" =8Gigs, /boot =100Megs, swap = 512 and gave the rest to /home which
14545Gigs. Install went great but when I tried to access the space on
/home,.....nothing is there.  If I do a "df -h"  all I see is /dev/hda3
(which is /boot)  and nothing else,
yet when I go abck into setup I see the following:

/dev/hda1/       ntfs
//dev/hda2/      /
/dev/hda3/       /boot
/dev/hda4/      Extended
/dev/hda5/      swap
/dev/hda6/      /home  !?!

What gives?!?, what did I do wrong or what did I forget?, the devs
aren't mounting, system say's that they are not there, the only "devs"
in fstab are the cd rom, floppy, /boot and swap. Slowly going bald


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