[unclug] IDS for RedHat AS

James Jordan jwjordan at bme.unc.edu
Wed Jun 16 15:48:14 EDT 2004

Thanks for all the suggestions I received for my last problem of the 
unstable (and quite *EVIL*) server.  It has since been migrated to new 
rack-mounted equipment, with upgraded RH EL AS software, and then burned 
in effigy.  On a more positive note, now that I'm finally operating on 
the new Enterprise version of RedHat, I've noticed that tripwire is no 
longer installed by default, and also doesn't look like it's still a 
maintained project.  So my question for all you experts out there:  What 
IDS (Intrusion Detection System)are you using to secure your shiny new 
Enterprise Linux networks?  Thanks!

James Jordan
Systems Administrator
UNC Chapel Hill Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
jwjordan at bme.unc.edu

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