[unclug] UNC campus Red Hat site license question

John W. Sopko Jr. sopko at cs.unc.edu
Thu Jun 10 11:57:03 EDT 2004

Andy Ingham wrote:

> Folks --
> I'm getting some conflicting information about the *level* of the 
> entitlements that come via the UNC campus Red Hat licenses.  Since a 
> bunch of folks are already using the licenses, can someone tell me if 
> the license entitles you to just the "update" module via RHN or 
> additionally the "management" module via RHN.

When you use the campus account you are getting a basic user account, 
you lose the admin account. An account is created for you and you are 
put in a system group for your department. So you lose the ability to 
create groups but you still have the other management funtionality.

> We currently have a dozen ES and WS licenses directly from RH (purchased 
> 11/03) that include the "management" component.  Yes, the price is 
> *much* better with the campus agreement, but having to step back from 
> the management capabilities would be unfortunate.
> [BTW, as ES is not covered by the site license, we may be doing some ES 
>  > AS migrations.  According to RH tech support, it is a straightforward 
> process.  I obviously haven't tried it yet, though.  Let me know if 
> anyone is interested in the steps I was told to take.]

Yes, we have one ES system we bought in Dec 2003, as far as I can tell
ES and AS are the same except for marketing and licensing. I want to
make my ES system an AS system, I figured there was some config file
changes and then maybe delete the rhn account and re-register. I would
appreciate the steps.

> So...
> Are the "management" features available via the campus licenses?
> TIA,
> Andy
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