[unclug] UNC campus Red Hat site license question

Andy Ingham ingham at email.unc.edu
Thu Jun 10 10:58:53 EDT 2004

Folks --

I'm getting some conflicting information about the *level* of the 
entitlements that come via the UNC campus Red Hat licenses.  Since a 
bunch of folks are already using the licenses, can someone tell me if 
the license entitles you to just the "update" module via RHN or 
additionally the "management" module via RHN.

We currently have a dozen ES and WS licenses directly from RH (purchased 
11/03) that include the "management" component.  Yes, the price is 
*much* better with the campus agreement, but having to step back from 
the management capabilities would be unfortunate.

[BTW, as ES is not covered by the site license, we may be doing some ES 
 > AS migrations.  According to RH tech support, it is a straightforward 
process.  I obviously haven't tried it yet, though.  Let me know if 
anyone is interested in the steps I was told to take.]


Are the "management" features available via the campus licenses?


Andy Ingham
Systems Librarian
University Libraries
UNC-Chapel Hill
andy_ingham at unc.edu


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