[unclug] redhat 9 to AS 3

Michael E. Jensen Michael_Jensen at unc.edu
Wed Jun 9 10:29:33 EDT 2004


I performed a RH9 to WS3 upgrade and run into a few problems, but was 
able to resolve them in a reasonable amount of time.  There's a few 
packages that you will need to remove before the system can be added to 
the AS channel on RHN, etc.  I'm not sure if you will have the same 
difficulties upgrading to AS3, but let me know.

  - Mike

Brian Payst wrote:

> While we're on the RedHat thread this morning - has anyone done an 
> upgrade install on a RH9 server to AS3 ? I've got a production box on 9 
> and it needs to be upgraded. I'd imagine that would go fine, but if 
> anyone can confirm I would appreciate it.

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