[unclug] Red Hat AS from RHN

John Reuning john at metalab.unc.edu
Wed Jun 9 09:55:57 EDT 2004

Do the updated meta files in the update releases, such as the hdlist
file, mesh with the original packages to make network installations



On Wed, 2004-06-09 at 09:48, John W. Sopko Jr. wrote:
> We have used all three versions, the original rhel-3 release, update1 
> and update2. As far as I can tell the latest update has all the patches 
> rolled into it including the lates kernel for that update. This speeds 
> up running up2date considerably since so many darn patches have come out 
>   since the original release.
> We download the iso's, burn cdroms and then unpack the cdroms on a local 
> disk to be used by kickstart. As updates come out we replace with the
> latest update release.

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