[unclug] Red Hat AS from RHN

Joe Morris morris at unc.edu
Wed Jun 9 08:55:47 EDT 2004

On Wed, 9 Jun 2004, Jeff Bollinger wrote:

| Just downloaded the RedHat AS v. 3 from the RedHat Network w/ the campus
| site license (4 ISOs!).  Anyone know about the "Update" ISOs?  There
| seems to be two updates (1 and 2) that have another 4 ISOs each.  Are
| these actual distributions or just updates?  Is there an impetus to
| install the update ISOs, and if so, is there a special order in which
| they have to be installed?

These are updated distributions.  Latest one is update 4 I belive.  You
want to use the latest updated distribution--forget the rest.  Don't try
to burn these either.  Many of the ISO's are too large for a single
CD--grrr.  It's better just to mount them as a filesystem anyway and use
what you need from there.

Have a look at the README or COPYING files on the first CD.  It maps out
how the software is laid out on all of the 4 CD's.  You will likely not
need all of them to install RedHat.

Just realized you are referring to RHEL 3.  I am using 2.1 (vendor demands
it for support) so YMMV.

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Academic Technology and Networks
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