[unclug] Binary of "mail" for old RH distro...

Joel Dunn joel_dunn at unc.edu
Thu Jan 29 22:23:30 EST 2004

Folks, I need to find a binary of "mail" for an old RH (6.1) system 
(server appliance, a Toshiba SG10) that runs as my home LAN 
router/gateway.  I want to set up some scripts to mail me stuff when 
things happen on the system, and "mail" is nowhere to be found (but this 
distro wasn't designed for futzing around like I'm doing, it was targetd 
as a prepackaged appliance).  Yeah, I could put newer code on it, but 
frankly, it works great (has been for a couple of years), and I just 
don't have the time to rebuild it...

Does someone have the old "mail" binary handy?


+ Joel Dunn
+ joel_dunn at unc.edu

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