[unclug] Mounting Novell filesystem on Linux

David B. Rankin david.rankin at unc.edu
Thu Jan 29 18:07:27 EST 2004

Sounds like you need to use Netware NFS. NFS (through Novell Native File 
Access)is included in NW 6 and NW 6.5 but not NW 5.1 (it's a separate 
product and not on the UNC ALA license).


Jeff Howard wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a Novell 5.1 file server and I want to mount
> its partitions on a Red Hat 9.0 system.  Has anyone done
> this? I looked at the ncpmount command but it relies on the
> Novell server using IPX which ours doesn't.  Any thoughts?
> Thanks!


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