[unclug] WEP

Jeff Bollinger jeff01 at email.unc.edu
Thu Jan 29 14:10:10 EST 2004

>>On Thu, 29 Jan 2004, Cristobal M Palmer wrote:
>>>I'm running Debian GNU/Linux (testing/Sarge), and I can't for the life of
>>>me figure out how to get WEP working.
>>>My dad has an Apple Airport 802.11b network that my compie ("Socrates")
>>>talks to nicely, and the folks in the apartment immediately above me are
>>>nice enough to allow me access to their Linksys WAP, so I'm left
>>>scratching my head as to why
>>># iwconfig eth1 essid "UNC-1"
>>># iwconfig eth1 key XXXX-XXXX-XX restricted
>>># iwconfig eth1 key on
>>># ifup eth1
>>>fails so miserably here on campus.
>>>When I did the above, I got an error message that kept posting ERROR
>>>-16:issuing command blah blah blah
>>>and wouldn't go away with ^z.
>>>I'm hoping there's someone who kept reading after "Debian GNU/Linux"
>>>Maybe somebody can help?
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>>>                                                              ||_/ |
>>>Peace,                                                       //   \ \
>>>                                                            (|     | )
>>>  CMP	                                                   /'\_   _/`\

What type NIC are you using?  I seem to vaguely recall some success 
using the Cisco card and their configuration utility (yeah, they 
actually made one for Linux!)  Don't know if its still available though...


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