[unclug] CCI machine Linux compatability

Faheem Mitha faheem at email.unc.edu
Thu Jan 15 13:08:48 EST 2004

Dear People,

I am writing to ask whether anyone has any Linux experience with either of
the two desktop machines described at


See http://www.unc.edu/cci/index/ccishop/fullconfiguration.html for more

Our department is thinking of purchasing a machine for use with Debian.
We're currently thinking about the "technology driven line" one, but I'd
be interested in hearing about the other "general corporate" one too.

Specifically, potential problems seem to be with

a) NIC
b) Video card.

>From the descriptions given, I'm not sure what to make of "Integrated
10/100/1000 MB ENET"  or "Integrated 10/100100 MB ENET". (I'm guessing the
latter was a typo and should be the same as the former). Can anyone offer
more detail about this? Is this the Intel EtherExpress Pro 100 or similar?

As for the video card, it would also be useful to have more information.
The web page says "Intel Extreme Graphics 32MB" and "Open AGP slot NVIDIA
QUADRO-4 64mb" respectively.

As far as the former goes,
seems to be relevant. However, it seems to be a binary X module + needs
kernel support.

As far as the latter goes, I think Nvidia also has binary drivers. I don't
think the nv driver in X supports this card. Am I correct?

I see that Debian packages the nvidia driver, and the description
explicitly mentions the Quadro chipset. I used these drivers once and they
worked OK, but does anyone have any direct experience with the Quadro
chipset, specifically how it works with recent 2.4 kernels?

Thanks in advance.

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