[unclug] Red Hat Licensing for UNC-CH

Scott Adams adams at ils.unc.edu
Fri Feb 20 18:39:18 EST 2004

Not sure of the answer exactly for the first one but someone else might.
I would imagine that a user would have to register on the proxy system.
Normally I would think there would be some sort of IP range limit but if
this is going to run for all UNC systems then that may be more difficult.
Hopefully we can get an answer from those who may know more.
There was a thought from UNC General Administration that this should run
at MCNC.  We will have to wait and see.

No there is not a proxy currently on campus that I know of.  I believe the
proxy would hold the "rpms locally" and the proxy alone would connect to
Redhat directly.


On Fri, 20 Feb 2004, Matthew Mauzy wrote:

|Very interested in #2...  how exactly is that going to work?  As it stands
|now I have to have an entitlement for every machine that I want to register
|with rhn.  Is there going to be a mechanism for registration of 'personal
|machines' that doesn't require a login?
|Is there a proxy server on campus anywhere now?  I'd like to take a look at
|how access to the updated rpms is handled.  Ie., is the proxy just a
|redirect for getting the rpms from redhat or are they actually kept in a
|local dir on the proxy that I could have access to?  We have a need to have
|access to those rpms in order to integrate them into our apt-get system.
|--On Friday, February 20, 2004 4:17 PM -0500 Scott Adams
|<adams at ils.unc.edu> wrote:
|> To answer a few questions that have come to me (if I know the answer):
|> 1. Version 9 is EOL as of April! or is it May!  You will have to upgrade
|> to RH 3.X
|> 2. Yes personally owned machines will have access to the "updates" and
|> software if we are part of the deal from my reading of the contract.
|> 3. No the same situation as last years Redhat deal would not occur with
|> "seeing all licensed machine".  That would be really bad across 16
|> campuses :-)
|> 4. The location of the proxy has not been worked out specifically nor, how
|> many it would take.  "Let's get the numbers first and see if we are even
|> players."  Ibiblio.org and an NC state group have bothed agreed to host,
|> will we need others?
|> 5. I would think we are going to give a number, that accounts
|> for some room for growth.  You are not committing money yet so don't fret
|> the addition of an extra machine or two over the year.  Just estimate. 6.
|> A year stands for 12 months plus/minus a month.
|> 7. Yes a meeting of the minds would be appropriate to discuss the proxy
|> server, billing, access to said proxy.  There are many "details" to work
|> out between many organizations.  But we have consensus :-)
|> 8. If you want support this is not the model that you should choose.  You
|> should contact Brian Cole at Red Hat.  The unclug, support and broader
|> internet community is the real support system for this type of model.
|> Bug/security updates and software access is what we are speaking of when
|> it comes to a proxy server.
|> 9. I don't know all the answers but I am willing to find out.
|> 10. If you have licenses already just account for them and make a note if
|> it is ES instead of AS or WS.
|> 11. I still don't know all the answers.
|> have a good weekend.
|> Scott
|> On Fri, 20 Feb 2004, Scott Adams wrote:
|>| UNC General Administration has come up with a contract with Red Hat for
|>| licensing of RHL 3 AS and WS.  By Feb 25th we will need to submit a total
|>| count of licenses needed from UNC-CH to add to this list.  The price will
|>| be $6.50 for each "FTE" where FTE in this particular case stands for
|>| Departmentally owned machine.  Though probably not typical in definition,
|>| this is what was agreed.  With this pricing scheme and understanding of
|>| FTE's, this is a "doable" situation for UNC-CH.
|>| Please notice that the typical educational pricing is $25 for WS and $50
|>| for AS.  Please also note that this situation would allow our faculty,
|>| staff, and students access for PERSONALLY owned machines without charge
|>| to them.
|>| At present ATN is counting the number that they might need from
|>| their various machines.  Other departments and organizations though will
|>| need to be counted too.
|>| (For better or worse) I am going to try and get a "future and current
|>| need" count of RHL 3 WS and AS licenses.
|>| If you could respond to this email by Monday 12PM then I will submit the
|>| number to UNC software acquisitions / ATN or wherever it needs to
|>| specifically go.
|>| Please send me the following:
|>| Contact name:
|>| Department:
|>| Advanced Server count (est.) for year:
|>| Work Station count (est.) for year:
|>| Do you currently own licenses?
|>| Current AS count:
|>| Current WS count:
|>| thanks,
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