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Fri Feb 20 16:09:54 EST 2004


Estimates for the Health Sciences Library are below. 

Barrie Hayes

Scott Adams wrote:

>UNC General Administration has come up with a contract with Red Hat for
>licensing of RHL 3 AS and WS.  By Feb 25th we will need to submit a total
>count of licenses needed from UNC-CH to add to this list.  The price will
>be $6.50 for each "FTE" where FTE in this particular case stands for
>Departmentally owned machine.  Though probably not typical in definition,
>this is what was agreed.  With this pricing scheme and understanding of
>FTE's, this is a "doable" situation for UNC-CH.
>Please notice that the typical educational pricing is $25 for WS and $50
>for AS.  Please also note that this situation would allow our faculty, staff, and
>students access for PERSONALLY owned machines without charge to them.
>At present ATN is counting the number that they might need from
>their various machines.  Other departments and organizations though will
>need to be counted too.
>(For better or worse) I am going to try and get a "future and current
>need" count of RHL 3 WS and AS licenses.
>If you could respond to this email by Monday 12PM then I will submit the
>number to UNC software acquisitions / ATN or wherever it needs to
>specifically go.
>Please send me the following:
>Contact name:  Barrie Hayes
>Department:	Health Sciences Library
>Advanced Server count (est.) for year:   1-2 servers (2005)  3-4 servers (2006-07)
>Work Station count (est.) for year:	15 workstations 
>Do you currently own licenses?  No
>Current AS count: 0
>Current WS count: 0
>Scott Adams
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