[unclug] there's penguins in the Union

Brian Payst brian_payst at unc.edu
Fri Feb 13 14:22:06 EST 2004

After some debate with myself (very entertaining) I left 
crt+alt+backspace just for that reason. If one gets hung on some odd web 
site, just kill the X server and you're back within 5-10 seconds.

We've just the 5 you see there, but I've got plans for at least one more 
and I think eventually we'll put more in various places in the Union 
(there certainly are enough ports in there) and maybe other locations. 
The nice part is adding a kiosk just involves plugging it's MAC into the 
server configs, a couple account tweaks and we're off.

I should also throw out a thanks to Jeff Bollinger who helped me 
troubleshoot some IPTables issues on the fly during the initial set-up.

John W. Sopko Jr. wrote:

> Nice! I went over to the Union and checked it out, the systems are very
> responsive. I hope you do not mind I did a ctrl-alt-backspace to reset X 
> and convince myself they were running Xfree86. They reset fast with no 
> problems.
> How many have you deployed?
> Brian Payst wrote:
>> They seem to have survived the first couple of days of student 
>> onslaught so I thought I'd spread the word. The new Internet kiosks in 
>> the renovated Union may look like typical Dell Windows machines, but 
>> they are actually Linux Terminal Server Project (www.ltsp.org) clients 
>> booting from the network and loading a scaled-down icewm window 
>> manager and a locked-down Mozilla Firebird. The Windows infected hard 
>> drives are disabled in the BIOS and will probably eventually be removed.
>> Just thought the Linux inclined on campus would like to know. If 
>> anyone wants more information on any parts of that set-up, feel free 
>> to ask and I'll do my best to sound coherent.
>> Brian

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