[unclug] there's penguins in the Union

Brian Payst brian_payst at unc.edu
Thu Feb 12 14:17:14 EST 2004

They seem to have survived the first couple of days of student onslaught 
so I thought I'd spread the word. The new Internet kiosks in the 
renovated Union may look like typical Dell Windows machines, but they 
are actually Linux Terminal Server Project (www.ltsp.org) clients 
booting from the network and loading a scaled-down icewm window manager 
and a locked-down Mozilla Firebird. The Windows infected hard drives are 
disabled in the BIOS and will probably eventually be removed.

Just thought the Linux inclined on campus would like to know. If anyone 
wants more information on any parts of that set-up, feel free to ask and 
I'll do my best to sound coherent.


Brian Payst, MS
Director of Technology & Systems Support
Division of Student Affairs
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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