[unclug] safari-view?

Adam Constabaris adamc at email.unc.edu
Wed Feb 11 08:24:30 EST 2004

Cristobal M Palmer wrote:

>I thought I was going to impress my dad (a seasoned web designer) with my
>first website, but it turns out my (shamelessly lifted) Java menu doo-dad
>looks pretty darn bad in Safari.
>So my real question:
>Does anybody know how I can tell what my page will look like in Safari
>(short of calling up my dad every time I revise my page)?
>Is there a tool for that?
>(Reminder: I'm using Debian GNU/Linux "Woody")
Safari is based on KHTML, which is the same "rendering engine" used in 
KDE's web/file browser, Konqueror.  Konqueror will probably be installed 
if you have kde installed -- but make sure you have version 3.x of KDE.  
I don't remember what the package name is on debian, but apt-cache 
search kde should tell you all you need to know.  There are likely to be 
some differences between any given version of Safari and any given 
version of Konqueror, but they'll be minor, so you should be able to use 
what Konqueror does as a fairly reliable guide to how Safari will do 
it.  As a certified standards freak(tm), however, I urge you not to 
design for specific browsers, but to use standards-based HTML and CSS 
code at all times =)

One caveat, though, is that the range of plugins available on your 
Debian system is smaller than the one available on a Mac.  So anything 
that relies on a plugin (this includes Java) may not work the same.  
However, provided Java is correctly installed on both platforms, the 
only difference *should* be that on the Mac OS, the look and feel of the 
Java stuff should match that of the other applications.  [ did  you mean 
Javascript? ]



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