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Hallelujah! Just ordered both…


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> FYI!
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> Pre-order now!
> <https://monorailmusic.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6eba4156d60ffcbd97df94249&id=8644dcf3c9&e=9783dbc062>
> *Demonstration Tapes*
> (Sealed Records)
>  Black vinyl 2LP / Red vinyl 2LP
> Order Demonstration Tapes Here
> <https://monorailmusic.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6eba4156d60ffcbd97df94249&id=63c23235e0&e=9783dbc062>
> Re-release of Dolly Mixture’s legendary Demonstration Tapes and a new
> collection of songs (first time on vinyl), Other Music. On coloured and
> black vinyl formats.
> Dolly Mixture were an amazing trio based in London and Cambridge - the
> three members, Debsey Wykes, Rachel Bor and Hester Smith had a great
> intuitive rough-edged pop sound, sounded like nothing else when they sung
> together and had some of the best songs of their generation. For whatever
> reason they didn't quite fit into that Rough Trade Raincoats world or even
> its outer realms like Marine Girls. Of their contemporaries they were maybe
> closest in style to Orange Juice or The Undertones, who they toured with.
> Paul Weller was a fan, Captain Sensible was a fan, John Peel was a fan. Bob
> Stanley thinks they had better songs than The Beatles.
> Originally released in 1984, bootleg style, Demonstration Tapes is the
> legendary moment when Dolly Mixture belatedly unleashed the full extent of
> their brilliance on the world. Probably fair to say that this is not the
> music that was making 1984 as it was always their misfortune to be slightly
> out of time, too late to be the best 60s British girl group of all time,
> too early for C86. This 27 track set collects the band's demos from 1979 to
> 1983 of perfectly executed pop, indie pop and '60s girl group gems. The
> sound is raw but the charm and pure-pop songcraft manages to shine through.
> Dolly Mixture should have been massive - so just sit back and enjoy these
> charming songs that have aged like a fine wine. Original copies sell for
> silly money and even the Germs of Youth reissue sells for over £100. This
> reissue comes with a brand new sleeve design by Paul Kelly.
> Other Music is a new compilation album with unreleased songs (in some
> cases taken from cassette) that captures the unbeatable spirit and energy
> of Dolly Mixture. Early recordings mix their winning punk attitude, 60's
> pop hooks galore and joyous originality which makes Dolly Mixture sound so
> fresh 41 years after they formed. This album has been pieced together from
> original tapes and 1/4 inch masters. Side A is raw recordings and it just
> adds extra grit to the sweet indie pop delights of Dolly Mixture. Among the
> 11 tracks are two tracks that were recorded in 1978 at Spaceward Studios
> and intended as their debut 7", an alternate recording of How Come You’re
> Such A Hit With The Boys, Jane?, Covers of the Velvets Femme Fatale, Mott
> the Hoople's Foxy Foxy, Love Affair's Rainbow Valley, a Demo for Paul
> Weller's Respond Records plus five tracks recorded in 1984. These were the
> band’s final recording session and recorded at Treetop Studios, Suffolk.
> All tracks on vinyl for the first time. Sleeve designed by Paul Kelly.
> Monorail x
> <https://monorailmusic.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6eba4156d60ffcbd97df94249&id=bd75852c8d&e=9783dbc062>
> Order Other Music Here
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