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Pre-order now!

*Demonstration Tapes*
(Sealed Records)
 Black vinyl 2LP / Red vinyl 2LP
Order Demonstration Tapes Here

Re-release of Dolly Mixture’s legendary Demonstration Tapes and a new
collection of songs (first time on vinyl), Other Music. On coloured and
black vinyl formats.

Dolly Mixture were an amazing trio based in London and Cambridge - the
three members, Debsey Wykes, Rachel Bor and Hester Smith had a great
intuitive rough-edged pop sound, sounded like nothing else when they sung
together and had some of the best songs of their generation. For whatever
reason they didn't quite fit into that Rough Trade Raincoats world or even
its outer realms like Marine Girls. Of their contemporaries they were maybe
closest in style to Orange Juice or The Undertones, who they toured with.
Paul Weller was a fan, Captain Sensible was a fan, John Peel was a fan. Bob
Stanley thinks they had better songs than The Beatles.

Originally released in 1984, bootleg style, Demonstration Tapes is the
legendary moment when Dolly Mixture belatedly unleashed the full extent of
their brilliance on the world. Probably fair to say that this is not the
music that was making 1984 as it was always their misfortune to be slightly
out of time, too late to be the best 60s British girl group of all time,
too early for C86. This 27 track set collects the band's demos from 1979 to
1983 of perfectly executed pop, indie pop and '60s girl group gems. The
sound is raw but the charm and pure-pop songcraft manages to shine through.
Dolly Mixture should have been massive - so just sit back and enjoy these
charming songs that have aged like a fine wine. Original copies sell for
silly money and even the Germs of Youth reissue sells for over £100. This
reissue comes with a brand new sleeve design by Paul Kelly.

Other Music is a new compilation album with unreleased songs (in some cases
taken from cassette) that captures the unbeatable spirit and energy of
Dolly Mixture. Early recordings mix their winning punk attitude, 60's pop
hooks galore and joyous originality which makes Dolly Mixture sound so
fresh 41 years after they formed. This album has been pieced together from
original tapes and 1/4 inch masters. Side A is raw recordings and it just
adds extra grit to the sweet indie pop delights of Dolly Mixture. Among the
11 tracks are two tracks that were recorded in 1978 at Spaceward Studios
and intended as their debut 7", an alternate recording of How Come You’re
Such A Hit With The Boys, Jane?, Covers of the Velvets Femme Fatale, Mott
the Hoople's Foxy Foxy, Love Affair's Rainbow Valley, a Demo for Paul
Weller's Respond Records plus five tracks recorded in 1984. These were the
band’s final recording session and recorded at Treetop Studios, Suffolk.
All tracks on vinyl for the first time. Sleeve designed by Paul Kelly.

Monorail x

Order Other Music Here
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