[TypicalGirls] 1. Re: Callout for female fanzine UK fanzine writers, 1975-1984 (WWWhatsup)

Sharon Cheslow decomposition at mindspring.com
Sun Mar 6 20:10:28 EST 2016

I'm really loving this thread...

>>  I would be very interested in tracking down Crystal and Sarah who did
>>  More On and Sharon Spike who did Apathy in Ilford.

Cazz, you might want to interview Julie Davis and Virginia Boston for 
leads. They authored two early UK zine-like punk books (I bought 
these when they came out) - maybe you've already seen them, but if 
not you might be able to find them in a library:

-Punk by Julie Davis, 1977
This has lots of Lucy Toothpaste contributions (Slits and X-Ray Spex 
interviews, influential piece titled "Girl Bands," and another on 
punk & racism/fascism), Sharon Spike's Slits live review, Jane Suck's 
Siouxsie interview, and photos by Erica Echenberg. I'm pretty sure 
some of these contributions are reprints from zines. Someone named 
Sex Ade contributed - don't know who that is.

-Punk Rock by Virginia Boston, 1978 
This has quotes from lots of zine writers, with some small images of 
zine covers. The only ones by women are More On by Sarah in London, 
and White Stuff by Sandy Robertson in Scotland. If Sex Ade is female, 
she's quoted from her zine New Wave.

Also, if you haven't done this already, and can make it to the U.S., 
you could take a look at Johan Kugelberg's Punk Collection, 1974-86 
archive at Cornell Univ. There are a lot of zines, including some 
early UK ones edited by women. At the very least, check out the 
online finding aid:

good luck with your research!

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