[TypicalGirls] Callout for female fanzine UK fanzine writers, 1975-1984

Cazz Blase cazz.blase at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 15:08:28 EST 2015


I'm very new to this list, so I should probably introduce myself.

My name is Cazz Blase, I wrote a five part series on women and UK punk for
the F-Word website (www.thefword.org.uk) between 2010 and 2011. I'm in the
process of turning the series into a book, and for that, I need more

Because I'm interested in how women contributed to the growing mythology of
punk, I'm interested in speaking to female fanzine writers who were writing
punk fanzines in the UK at anytime between 1975 and 1984.

I've tracked a few people down, and I realise it's likely to be a very
small group of people to draw from in any case, but...

I would be very interested in tracking down Crystal and Sarah who did More
On and Sharon Spike who did Apathy in Ilford.

If anyone happens to have a lead on how I might track them down, I'd be
very, very grateful indeed.

Thank you very much,


Cazz Blase
Writer and journalist
cazz.blase at gmail.com
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