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Hey Dina

The Nots are great! I am glad you discovered them. I made a very hard to read blogpost with lots of embedded bandcamps here:
whatwewantisfree: Mid Year Report that has a lot of bands with predominant female/feminist members (and some not) Nearly all the band names should either have a link to their bandcamp or a bandcamp embedded in the post. I also put a list of reissues I dug at the end. 

New bands (to me) that I am excited about that I discovered this week (that are not on this blogpost) are Penny Machine from Oakland S / T, by Penny Machine and Kristy and the Kraks from Austria Kristy And The Kraks, by Kristy And The Kraks

whatwewantisfree: Mid Year Report
I have pretty much ceased writing for MRR in the columns dept, this is partially bc of a brutal case of writer's block I am currently afflicted with (tho I still re...  
View on whatwewantisfree.blo... Preview by Yahoo  
S / T, by Penny Machine
7 track album  
View on pennymachineoakland... Preview by Yahoo  
Kristy And The Kraks, by Kristy And The Kraks
4 track album  
View on totallywiredrecords.b... Preview by Yahoo  

On Saturday, September 6, 2014 8:00 PM, Dina Hornreich <dina.hornreich at gmail.com> wrote:

Hey folks,

I'm doing a college radio show (KDUR Durango) and it's called Highly Inflammable (yes, yes x-ray spex ref). It's gonna be feminist punk/indie/etc. and I'm looking for advice on bands to watch out for.

I've already heard about NOTS (Memphis band) and KNOW they must be on my show (cf: Layla Gibbons' review in MRR with the Dishrags on the cover). Coathangers, The Shondes, The She's, Mika Miko (Bleached)....

I already know about like some recent reissues...Neo Boys, Talulah Gosh, (We've got a) fuzzbox (C86 reissue), Noh Mercy...uhh you get the picture.

I haven't done a show in 12 years so I'm just getting my head back in the game!



Dina L. Hornreich
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