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Joly, did the Bad Brains get the idea for "I&I Survive" from your badge, the one that apparently annoyed Bob Marley?


On Feb 28, 2013, at 6:50 PM, Joly MacFie wrote:

> A New York story..
> http://www.menright.com/pages/carolyn.html
> It was 1980, and the New York hardcore scene was beginning to coalesce around venues likeThe A7 Club in the East Village. Hardcore was a faster, heavier, more violent sound that grew out of the first-wave CBGB punk of the late '70s. It took a few years to define itself — nobody knew what the rules were, or how the style was supposed to sound.
> Carolyn was new in town, working for an answering service and as an occasional punk extra in clueless Hollywood versions of the Lower East Side. She spent the nights she wasn't working on the benches in Tompkins Square, or on the stoops around Stromboli's Pizza on St. Mark's Place. She didn't have enough cash to get into the clubs very often. Drink of choice: a forty-ounce Bud.
> (continues on link)
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