[TypicalGirls] San Francisco Bay Area people: Seeking Punk Radio DJ Co-host

Erin Fleming erinflemingburns at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 15:05:43 EDT 2013

Hi all,

I currently host a weekly radio show in San Francisco playing
female-fronted punk rock (and garage, DIY, no wave, etc).  As my current
co-host is leaving, I'm looking for a new co-host to do the show with me.
This is unpaid, but loads of fun.  No prior experience necessary.  If you
are interested, shoot me an email and I can have you on the show to see if
it's a good fit for both of us. Or if you know someone else who might be
interested, please pass this along to them and have them get in touch with
me.  (Sorry for sending this out to so many people on the list who it might
not be relevant to.)

See requirements below.


1.  Some genuine knowledge of and interest in punk music.  You don't need
to be an expert, but you need to have an interest.  The show format is all
female-fronted punk.  Not riot grrrl so much as obscure early acts.
Examples:  Sin 34, Vice Squad, The Bags, the Au Pairs, LiLiput, the
Plasmatics, Lydia Lunch, etc.

2.  A commitment to coming to the show at least 3x a month.  The show is
every Saturday night from 10-midnight in San Francisco's Mission district.
It is in a safe area of the Mission.

3.  A willingness to contribute to other tasks related to the show and the
radio station as a whole.  We put on (fun!) events, podcast our shows, try
to keep the joint clean, need to train newbies, etc.  We are a community,
so it would be awesome if you were community-minded.

4.  A willingness and ability to pay $20 a month for station dues.  This is
standard at non-commercial radio stations.

I originally was thinking I'd prefer another woman to do this show with me,
but on second thought, I'm actually fully open to dudes too.  If you're
into this, please email me with a short description of why you're
interested and what you think you could contribute to the show.

*Erin Fleming *
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