[TypicalGirls] Has anyone been to D.C.'s "Women Who Rock" exhibition at NMWA?

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Bess Korey and I have been on this list for a long time, on
and off since the early '00s, but I often just read posts instead of
commenting on them. In regards to what Erin wrote about the Women Who
Rock exhibit,  my Aunt went to the Women Who Rock exhibit at the Rock
N' Roll Hall of Fame and bought the exhibit book for me. I live in
Portland, OR and wasn't able to make it to Cleveland to see it. The
book might not be conclusive but it makes it seem like most of the
female artists featured in the exhibit are vocalists. Not really too
surprising since this the RNRHOF we're talking about, and they have
never really been big on acknowledging female musicianship. Looking
through the exhibit book,  I see Bikini Kill, The Bangles, L7, The
Runaways and Goldie and the Gingerbreads as the the only
all-female/female dominated bands listed. I've written about quite a
few all-female bands from the '60s-'80s, and unfortunately it does
seem as if a lot of them have been forgotten. I am glad that there is
a book out now that is acknowledging some of the forgotten female
musicians from the '70s and '80s (Lost Women of Rock), and I have also
tried to do that with my writing. Some of my articles/interviews with
members of all-female bands such as L7, The Pandoras, Cheap Perfume,
Daughters of Eve and The Luv'd Ones can be viewed here if anyone is
interested in seeing them:  www.girlsinthegarage.wordpress.com

Take Care,

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Here is the exhibition:  http://www.nmwa.org/exhibitions/women-who-rock

I'm writing something about museums and local/community relevance, and I'm
trying to figure out if the exhibition included anything on Chalk Circle
(DC's first all-female punk band formed in the early '80s) or even on
Dischord women like Slant 6, Autoclave, Amy Farina, etc.  In fact, if
anyone has gone to it and just wants to share their thoughts about it with
me off-list, I'd love that.  I suspect the exhibition will be lackluster
seeing as how it was developed by the people over at the Rock N Roll Hall
of Fame, where nearly 90% of the inductees are male.  Plus there's that
whole issue of "Are we musicians or are we *female *musicians?  Rockers or *
female* rockers?"

I'd rather go see the Women's Music and Liberation exhibit anyway!  :)

Thanks all!


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