[TypicalGirls] Is Helen Reddington on this list?

Bess Korey besskorey at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 00:47:27 EST 2012

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to get in touch with Helen Reddington since I write for a
new women's music magazine called Boxx (http://boxxmagazine.com/) and
I told my editor about her book. The Lost Women of Rock Music, which I
found out about through this list. I think someone here said that
Helen was a member of this list, and if she is, I would love if she
could get in touch with me since my editor would like for me to write
a profile/interview about her and the book. If she isn't on the list,
but someone here knows how to get in touch with her, your help would
be much appreciated. Thanks!

On a somewhat related note, I am listening to the Bush Tetras new
album right now, which is coming out next week, and will be
interviewing them for Boxx Magazine. I thought people here would like
to know that they put out new music, and I can post a link to the
interview once it is up if people here would be interested in seeing

Bess Korey

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