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Ace, I've wanted to see this film for ages!  Hope to be able to make it.  The 
book looks great too.

Thanks Kaisa.



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Subject: [TypicalGirls] Born in Flames -- the publication
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When in London, welcome to the screening of Lizzie Borden's 1983 film  
'Born in Flames' at the Showroom gallery (http://www.theshowroom.org)  
on Saturday 26.3.2011, 6?9.30pm, on the final date of the unmissable  
Cinenova exhibition.

After the screening, there's a chance to get a preview copy of the  
'Born in Flames' publication (?10), transcribed and laid out by yours  

The book includes an interview with Lizzie Borden from early 2011, and  
the lyrics of 'Undercover Nation' by The Bloods (supplied by Adele  
Bertei) and 'Born in Flames' by Red Crayola (supplied by Mayo Thompson).

To help us publish this book, pre-order now at 

Thank you!




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