[TypicalGirls] thinking - sometimes too much

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Sun Jul 17 23:24:29 EDT 2011

i am still trying to progress while building on the aesthetic foundations
we're talking about. oh, and cellular chaos is STILL trying to find a
female singer . . . it's not that easy. hardly anybody seems to get it,
so maybe you're right . . . 

it might be one of those early '70s/pre-punk blah moments again . . .
sure looks and sounds that way.


On Sun, 17 Jul 2011 21:20:01 -0600 Dina Hornreich
<dina.hornreich at gmail.com> writes:
I think this raises an interesting point... I mean the history that this
listserv is trying to preserve, are we progressing? What have we learned
from Sharon's list of women in punk? I look to these radical women as
role models. Discovering Poly changed my life. Made me feel like
I...belonged somewhere on this planet? I dunno. There are lots of people
paying attention. Bands like the New Bloods, WETDOG, etc. do exist but..
Are we still in the same place facing the same obstacles? I think
Germ-free Adolescents remains even more relevant now. Who is listening?
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