[TypicalGirls] Rose McDowall 2011?

Chuck Warner chuck at hyped2death.com
Wed Jul 13 17:40:01 EDT 2011

Hi -

Messthetics' women's DIY compilation is still struggling toward 
completion - and (as always, it seems) I'm having trouble getting 
updates from several long-term participants. Rose McDowall has been 
off the grid for the last 12 months or so - and I haven't been able 
to get through to Clay, who used to handle her business 
correspondence, either.  I need to wrap up Rose's bio!  If anyone on 
the TG list have a current contact please get in touch with me 
off-list.  Many thanks!


Chuck Warner
Hyped to Death / Messthetics CDs
P.O. Box 351
Westminster, MA 01473

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