[TypicalGirls] Dolly Mixture film 'Take Three Girls'

John Stuart biostuart at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 18:07:29 EST 2011


I know some people asked when the Dolly Mixture film, 'Take Three Girls'
will be showing again.  I just received the notice below from the Dolly
Mixture mail list. Tickets are £5 and are availible from We Got
Wish I still lived in London...

"Take Three Girls" UK Screening
> There will be a London screening of the Dolly Mixture film 'Take Three
> Girls' on Sunday 13th February.
> There will be further screenings this year and these will be announced via
> the mailing list.
> For details click on the link below.
> http://www.filmfriendsforever.com/events/take-three-girls-dolly-mixture-story
> Please note: the film will be screened at approximately 5pm

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